Vegan MoFo 2013 | Birthday Dinner at Great Sage

My birthday is next Tuesday, and to start the celebration early (and to, uh, get my driver’s license renewed), I visited my parents in Maryland for the weekend. We went to Great Sage for dinner tonight, which is (surprisingly) the only 100% vegan fine dining restaurant in the Baltimore and DC areas (its about halfway between both, in Clarksville, MD).  There are other great vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Baltimore and DC (shout-out to Everlasting Life), but nothing as swanky as Great Sage. Their menu is pretty diverse, and everything I’ve had there has been delicious. Below are some highlights from our dinner.


The evening’s specials


Pumpkin gnocchi in a cream sauce with veggies, including fresh peas and spinach


Smoked cheddar “cheese” plate


Caesar salad, which isn’t too exciting but is probably the best vegan Caesar salad I’ve ever had at a restaurant.


BBQ seitan with cornbread and coleslaw


Fresh pasta in a pesto sauce with veggies and the best house made grated parm


White chocolate creme brûlée with spiced figs



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