Vegan MoFo 2013: A MoFo Fail and Tofurky Jurky Review


My box o’ jurky


Yesterday I had an epic Vegan MoFo fail. My site’s server was down, which meant no posting for me. GGV is hosted on my partner’s server, and they were awesome about getting it up as quickly as possible. 

In non-mac & cheese related news, I got a big order of Tofurky Jurky from Food Fight this week! Tofurky Jurky is only available online, and the Turtle Island Foods site has been out of it for a while, so when I saw Food Fight had it in stock I jumped on it and ordered several packs. I love this jerky, the texture is perfect (super tough) and it’s pretty tasty (the peppered variety is my favorite). If you want to get your hands on this rare vegan treat, Food Fight still has peppered Tofurky Jurky in stock.

I’ll get back to mac and cheese-ing tomorrow, promise! 

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