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Guy Fieri Recipe | Chicken Taquitos


I haven’t given up on this blog, I swear! I was out of town all last week for work, but before I left I made sure to make a Guy recipe to post when I got back.

These chicken taquitos were good, but also proved that I have no idea how to deep fry. I thought they needed more time in the oil and ended up almost burning the filling (I even used a thermometer!). I also set off the smoke alarm many times, making a note to just take out the batteries before I fry next time (I may or may not have hit the smoke alarm with the TV remote in frustration). But, you can’t make Guy Fieri recipes without deep frying a thing or ten, so it’s something that I’ll hopefully get better at as this project continues.


I made both of the sauces that went along with this recipe, but suggest omitting the sour cream in the tomatillo salsa recipe because it wasn’t necessary and was, honestly, a little gross. The guacamole sauce, however, was amazing. Beer and creamy avocado? Delicious.

Also, these hold up pretty well according to my partner, who took leftovers to work for lunch the next day. Find the recipe and more photos below the cut!

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Review | Guy Feiri’s Chipotle Salsa


I really love salsa. Like, a lot. A few years ago I made a huge bowl of fresh salsa and ate it all in one sitting. (Using a spoon when I ran out of chips. I know, I’m shameless.) This resulted in me having the most puffy, inflamed lips as a result of all the acid and salt I had consumed in one sitting. It was …. weird, and if you eat salsa, you should probably do so in moderation.

But my love of salsa has not wained since that horrible incident, and I continue to basically drink the stuff. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Guy Fieri’s brand of jarred salsa in my local supermarket, but I was surprised I could eat something with Guy Fieri’s name on it. Does he know salsa is vegan?



According to the label, “DA $PICE IS RIGHT,” and I guess when you use a dollar sign in place of a S, no one can really argue with you. I personally hate jarred salsa, (By hate I mean I’ll still eat an entire jar of it, I just enjoy it less than fresh salsa) but I couldn’t say no to Fieri’s smiling face, so the chipotle salsa came home with me.

It was … fine. There was a distinct chipotle flavor and it was better than a lot of jarred salsas I’ve had, but it wasn’t out of this world. It wasn’t incredibly spicy (probably a medium heat), either. If you’re curious to try it yourself, there’s currently a sale on the Food Network website where you can buy 2 jars for $10.

3/5 stars

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