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Vegan MoFo 2013 | Post 5: Crabby Mac & Cheese



While happily eating the truffle mac and cheese, my partner stopped and said to me, “You know what would be really good in this? Crab cakes.”

I would have never thought of it, and I love making faux crab cakes. Basically I’ll look for any excuse to use a ton of Old Bay in whatever I’m cooking, so the next night I repeated the recipe but mixed in all the ingredients I’d use to make crab cakes. I figured actually making crab cakes and then breaking them up into the mac & cheese would just be a waste of time, since it’s all going to get cooked together anyway. And to be honest, this tastes a lot like tuna noodle casserole.



The best part? No fake meat or cheese needed! Although they wouldn’t hurt. Most of these ingredients, save for the nutritional yeast, can be found in normal grocery stores.

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Guy Fieri Recipe | Cajun Crab And Asparagus Pizza


I know, I make a lot of pizza, but pizza is the most perfect food. You can literally deconstruct any meal and turn it into a pizza. I’ve been wanting to try Guy’s Cajun Crab & Asparagus Pizza for a while, but didn’t want to overwhelm the blog with a lot of the same. This tasty pie combines a layer of cajun alfredo sauce with tangy “crab” in the form of shredded hearts of palm, asparagus and roasted red peppers.

I’m constantly looking for different ways to do crab, because the May Wah imitation stuff is gross (the one time I tried to use it, the smell was so overwhelming I had to throw it out). I’ve heard good things about jackfruit, but couldn’t find any in my local grocer, so I turned to the next best thing: hearts of palm. If you shred up whole hearts of palm, mix it with nori, lemon, agave and a bit of Old Bay and let it marinate for a bit, you’ve got the perfect replacement for crab.

I used a cashew cream mixed with nutritional yeast and rejuvelac as the sauce base and added pre-made cajun seasoning, but if you don’t have cajun seasoning you can use the spice blend in Fieri’s original recipe.

Recipe’s under the cut, along with more photos.

P.S. Check out GGV’s new logo! It was created by the talented¬†Sara Lyons¬†and I absolutely love it.

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