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Vegan Mofo 2013 | Post 4: Baked Truffle Mac & Cheese


Man is it hard to get a good photo of baked mac and cheese. Depending on the recipe, it can just end up looking like a lumpy blob. 


See what I mean? Maybe a closeup will help…



Still a lumpy blob. Although I couldn’t get great photos, this recipe is AMAZING. It’s cashew and coconut milk based, with truffle oil and shiitake mushrooms mixed in. It’s so rich and creamy, with a distinct mushroom-y flavor. This would be ideal for a chilly fall evening, and is my go-to mac & cheese when I want to impress omnis! I ate mine with BBQ tempeh.

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Vegan MoFo 2013 | Post 3: Daiya Swiss Slices Review


The perfect open-faced grilled cheese: A slice of Daiya Swiss, sliced yellow tomatoes, red onion, salt and pepper on a slice of multigrain bread.

I’m not a huge buyer of cheese substitutes, but whenever something new comes out I’m always curious. Daiya introduced slices a few months ago, and I’ve been staring at the Swiss-style slices every time I visit Whole Foods. I gave in last weekend and bought a pack, thinking they’d be good for mac and cheese, and let me tell you, they are good for just about everything. Seriously good.



11 slices come in a pack, with pieces of wax paper separating them. The Swiss-style slices even have holes like “real” Swiss cheese, which is a fun touch. Out of the package, these slices taste almost exactly like what I remember Swiss tasting like, although a tad sweeter, with plenty of tang and sharpness The texture is good, but softer than what I remember. These would be perfectly acceptable with faux luncheon meat on a sandwich, but I wanted to test out the cheese’s melting abilities, so I made an open-faced grilled cheese (pictured above). Amazing! It melted beautifully.

The price ranges from $4-$6, but if you can splurge, these slices are definitely worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing how they hold up in mac & cheese! 5/5 stars.

Have you tried Daiya slices? What do you think?

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VeganMoFo 2013 | Post 1: Vegan Mac & Cheese 101


Vegan MoFo 2013 has begun! As I mentioned a few posts ago, my theme is mac & cheese. This month I will explore all aspects of vegan mac & cheese making.

But before I start cooking, I have to talk ingredients. What do you need to have on hand to make vegan m&c? Nothing fancy, really. Yea, you can use fake cheese, sour cream, Veganaise or other expensive ingredients you’d have to go out of your way to buy, but really, you just need these 4 things:

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Guy Fieri Recipe | Vegan Irish Nachos


I have to be honest, I wasn’t all too excited about this recipe. I didn’t really know what irish nachos were and I’ve never had actual corned beef before, so I wasn’t really sure how it would taste or what to expect. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of making corned seitan only to eat around it (“Dear god I hope this doesn’t taste like pumpkin pie” floated through my head after I saw the spice combo). I combined this recipe from Vegan Dad and this recipe from Inspired Vegan Eats to make my corned seitan, mainly because I had no prior experience with corned beef and wanted to make sure this was done right.


In Guy Fieri’s recipe, he melts shredded cheddar cheese on top of his corned beef-topped waffle fries, but I didn’t want to do this with vegan cheese. My vegan cheese of choice is almost always Daiya (shout-outs to Follow Your Heart’s “Mozzarella” and Nacho-flavored Teese), and I knew I’d be using it in this recipe. But I’ve always thought making nachos with melted shredded cheese was kind of a cop-out. It’s bro food. It’s what you make if you’re stuck in a college dorm with a microwave and a mini fridge, and folks, I’m a little past my prime for that. While searching for photos of Fieri’s Irish Nachos, I found this recipe for Rachael Ray’s Irish Nachos (Does everyone at Food Network make Irish Nachos? Is this a thing?), and she made a beer cheese sauce for hers.


Guys, I made vegan beer cheese sauce. And it was so amazing.

Ultimately, these nachos were really, really good. As in, go to the store after you read this and make them for your next meal. I don’t care if it’s breakfast. The sauce was perfect, the seitan was flavorful and tender and all of the toppings rounded everything out. I suggest making the seitan ahead of time to save your sanity.

Here’s the recipe:
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