Vegan Recipes For The Big Game

Fun fact: I don’t watch football. Like, at all. I wouldn’t have remembered the game this weekend if it weren’t for all the snack food recipes popping up on Pinterest. While I don’t love football, I obviously love snack foods. And have I got some snack foods perfect for this Sunday! Below are some of my favorite snack-y GGV recipes if you’re watching the game, Puppy Bowl, or if just want to gorge one something delicious with friends. You can be that vegan who brings the plate of awesome to an omnivore’s party and has a smug look on their face as everyone devours your food, not realizing it’s vegan. Isn’t that the best? Enjoy!



Rojo onion rings with ranch dipping sauce


Baked buffalo tempeh wings



Crispy oven fried pickle chips with buttermilk dipping sauce



Chik’n taquitos with two salsas



Baked mac n cheese bites



Mall style soft pretzels with “honey” mustard sauce



Chik’n avocado egg rolls

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