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Original Recipe | Shiitake Bacon


I was busy prepping for and competing in the second vegan cook-off here last weekend (hors d’oeuvres was the theme) so I sort of dropped the ball with blogging. I made “Bro-stini,” my Bro’d up version of crostini. It was a waffle fry topped with a scoop of buffalo mac and cheese, drizzled with ranch dressing and garnished with shiitake bacon and scallions. I didn’t place, but judge Terri Hope Romero gave me an honorary mention, saying that if my fries weren’t cold (this was served at room temp.), my dish would’ve been awesome. Her kind words were reward enough!

I don’t want to share my buffalo mac recipe just yet, because it needs some tweaking (it wasn’t stick-together-y enough for what I wanted), but I’ll share my shiitake bacon recipe, because that seems to be the hot new thing. These mushroom bits go great with anything that needs a smokey touch. They’re also excellent on their own, and I stood around my kitchen munching on them before I realized I needed to save them for the competition.


Also, I apologize for the shoddy iPhone photos. I didn’t have my fancy camera on me.


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