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Guy Fieri Recipes | Buffalo Balls


If you cover it in buffalo sauce, I will eat it. This is a really fun and much easier alternative to buffalo tempeh wings. It’s also less messy to eat. I tossed mine with hot sauce and served more on the side because I like things spicy, but if you’re serving this for a crowd you can drizzle the hot sauce with more on the side for those with varying heat preferences. Ranch dressing or something creamy would also be a yummy addition.

Also, I mean, they’re called buffalo balls people. You should make this recipe just so you have an excuse to repeatedly say “buffalo balls.”


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Guy Fieri Recipe | Chicken Avocado Egg Rolls


Hello! December was kind of the worst for me cooking-wise. I had this vision of a month of candy recipe posts, but they all failed miserably. Towards the end of the month I decided to cleanse my creative palate with a classic Fieri recipe: chicken avocado egg rolls.

Years ago Isa Chandra Moskowitz blogged on The PPK about making egg rolls for Joaquin Phoenix and didn’t include a dough recipe because she said it was a nightmare (sadly the post seems to me gone, but it was a good one). I decided to double up on spring roll wrappers instead of trying to mimic egg rolls, and they provide a satisfying crunchy, chewy texture. 

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Vegan MoFo 2013 | Oven Fried Mac & Cheese Bites



Since I have an aversion to deep frying, these mac & cheese bites were baked at a high temperature to achieve maximum crispiness. You can use whatever mac & cheese recipe here you like, because the key to keeping your bites from falling apart is using cold mac (which also makes this a great way to use leftover mac, if you have any).  

I served mine with ranch dip, but a spicy ketchup or BBQ sauce would also be yummy. 


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Vegan MoFo 2013 | Mac & Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers



Jalapeño poppers are without a doubt the perfect snack food. To me, at least. So of course for Vegan MoFo I’m gonna stuff ’em with mac. This recipe is pretty easy, but I’d recommend using latex gloves to seed the jalapeños, otherwise you’ll have spicy fingers for eternity. The bigger the peppers, the better, because they can hold more mac and are usually milder. Also, a smaller pasta is necessary here. I used small shells, but elbow macaroni would work fine, too. Now on to the recipe..

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Guy Fieri Recipe | Garlic Bread



This recipe is based on Fieri’s “Jimmy’s Favorite Garlic Bread” recipe, which I turned my nose up at upon reading for the first time. Who puts mayo in garlic bread? That’s sacrilegious.


I hated mayonnaise before going vegan. It never appealed to me and I almost never ate it. Veganaise, however, is a different story. I use it for everything. Dressings, sauces, anything that needs a bit of creamyness. I’ve even been caught eating it right out of the jar. It’s delicious. But whatever your vegan mayo of choice is, you’ll want to use it here. I know it seems kinda gross, but I assure you this is probably the best garlic bread I’ve ever had in my life. The garlic “butter” creates a delicious, fluffy layer on top of the bread. I ate mine along side a caesar salad (again, using Veganaise) and it was divine.

Here’s the recipe:

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