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Vegan MoFo 2013 | Birthday Dinner at Great Sage

My birthday is next Tuesday, and to start the celebration early (and to, uh, get my driver’s license renewed), I visited my parents in Maryland for the weekend. We went to Great Sage for dinner tonight, which is (surprisingly) the only 100% vegan fine dining restaurant in the Baltimore and DC areas (its about halfway between both, in Clarksville, MD).  There are other great vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in Baltimore and DC (shout-out to Everlasting Life), but nothing as swanky as Great Sage. Their menu is pretty diverse, and everything I’ve had there has been delicious. Below are some highlights from our dinner.


The evening’s specials

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Vegan MoFo 2013: A MoFo Fail and Tofurky Jurky Review


My box o’ jurky


Yesterday I had an epic Vegan MoFo fail. My site’s server was down, which meant no posting for me. GGV is hosted on my partner’s server, and they were awesome about getting it up as quickly as possible. 

In non-mac & cheese related news, I got a big order of Tofurky Jurky from Food Fight this week! Tofurky Jurky is only available online, and the Turtle Island Foods site has been out of it for a while, so when I saw Food Fight had it in stock I jumped on it and ordered several packs. I love this jerky, the texture is perfect (super tough) and it’s pretty tasty (the peppered variety is my favorite). If you want to get your hands on this rare vegan treat, Food Fight still has peppered Tofurky Jurky in stock.

I’ll get back to mac and cheese-ing tomorrow, promise! 

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Vegan MoFo 2013 | Post 3: Daiya Swiss Slices Review


The perfect open-faced grilled cheese: A slice of Daiya Swiss, sliced yellow tomatoes, red onion, salt and pepper on a slice of multigrain bread.

I’m not a huge buyer of cheese substitutes, but whenever something new comes out I’m always curious. Daiya introduced slices a few months ago, and I’ve been staring at the Swiss-style slices every time I visit Whole Foods. I gave in last weekend and bought a pack, thinking they’d be good for mac and cheese, and let me tell you, they are good for just about everything. Seriously good.



11 slices come in a pack, with pieces of wax paper separating them. The Swiss-style slices even have holes like “real” Swiss cheese, which is a fun touch. Out of the package, these slices taste almost exactly like what I remember Swiss tasting like, although a tad sweeter, with plenty of tang and sharpness The texture is good, but softer than what I remember. These would be perfectly acceptable with faux luncheon meat on a sandwich, but I wanted to test out the cheese’s melting abilities, so I made an open-faced grilled cheese (pictured above). Amazing! It melted beautifully.

The price ranges from $4-$6, but if you can splurge, these slices are definitely worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing how they hold up in mac & cheese! 5/5 stars.

Have you tried Daiya slices? What do you think?

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West Coast Food Porn

I recently spent a week traveling up the west coast of the U.S. for the first time in my entire life. I’m not very well traveled. Heck, I don’t even have a passport. Needless to say this was a pretty big adventure for me. I met two of my (also vegan) friends in Denver, while they were in the middle of their Punk Rock Karaoke tour. The PRK Collective is a great group of folks who put on fun events to benefit activist groups, including many animal rights and rescue organizations.

Photo Jun 22, 8 34 32 AM

Figs from a Santa Monica farmers market — my first time eating fresh figs!

From Denver we drove through Las Vegas to LA, up through San Francisco, Portland and Seattle. My plans of what to do and see were primarily motivated by one thing: food. I wanted to eat at all the wonderful vegan restaurants I’d heard about and never tried, and that’s exactly what I did! So, I present you, dear readers, a “food diary” of my west coast travels, along with my top 3 favorite spots that I visited.

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Review | Guy Feiri’s Chipotle Salsa


I really love salsa. Like, a lot. A few years ago I made a huge bowl of fresh salsa and ate it all in one sitting. (Using a spoon when I ran out of chips. I know, I’m shameless.) This resulted in me having the most puffy, inflamed lips as a result of all the acid and salt I had consumed in one sitting. It was …. weird, and if you eat salsa, you should probably do so in moderation.

But my love of salsa has not wained since that horrible incident, and I continue to basically drink the stuff. I wasn’t surprised when I saw Guy Fieri’s brand of jarred salsa in my local supermarket, but I was surprised I could eat something with Guy Fieri’s name on it. Does he know salsa is vegan?



According to the label, “DA $PICE IS RIGHT,” and I guess when you use a dollar sign in place of a S, no one can really argue with you. I personally hate jarred salsa, (By hate I mean I’ll still eat an entire jar of it, I just enjoy it less than fresh salsa) but I couldn’t say no to Fieri’s smiling face, so the chipotle salsa came home with me.

It was … fine. There was a distinct chipotle flavor and it was better than a lot of jarred salsas I’ve had, but it wasn’t out of this world. It wasn’t incredibly spicy (probably a medium heat), either. If you’re curious to try it yourself, there’s currently a sale on the Food Network website where you can buy 2 jars for $10.

3/5 stars

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